7 Day cleanse


7 Day cleanse



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Hello and welcome to the tribe! Make sure to grab this opportunity and boost your immunity. With all the events happening around the world we know realized how important our immunity is.
By signing yourself up for the seven -day immunity cleanse you’re making your way to a self-care journey that starts by flushing out the toxins in your body so that you can create space for your body to expand and heal.
This gives a chance for boosting your immunity as well with our smoothie recipes and our super healthy elimination menu.
1. Boosting your immunity
2. Liver Detox
3. Better sleep
4. Losing 3-4 kilos
5. Tracking your hydration during non-fasting hours
6. Healthy yummy smoothie recipes
7. Removing gluten, dairy and refined flour for seven days

1. 10 healthy recipes
2. Meal plan and menu for the seven days
3. Live chat for one hour on the second day of the cleanse
4. Complete detailed grocery shopping list and how to read the nutrition label.
5. Advice on how to meal prep before the start of the cleanse
6. Healthy cooking tips and swaps
7. Free follow-up post cleanse.


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